Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some things we get asked a lot.


Sportstrack is platform designed to record, review and reward individual’s personal performances, then rank them in one giant big  league for the world to see.

Sportstrack is a Global Sports League designed to inspire you to become the most active and successful sports person you can be. It will allow you to share your successes with other members around the world.

Sportstrack was created by teachers for teachers and their students. The league benefits both teachers and coaches as a reference tool to effectively measure the success and progress of students by comparing and ranking them against their peers at other schools or sports clubs.

Diddly zip, zilch, zero… it’s free to join and best of all we plan to get sponsors will provide monthly prizes, awarded to the top performers based on effort and personal best times.

Any age from 6 years old through to 19 years old!

Anyone sporty or non sporty, healthy or… not so much. We want to incentivize everyone! With mental health and physical health issues on the rise, a P.E. tool like Sportstrack can help us get fitter, healthier and happier. At Sportstrack we know the benefits of motivation through competition and use a gaming culture of scoring, posting and comparing results with others. A unique active tracker-graph on each students profile page automatically updates every time new sports activity data is entered. Gamification encourages motivation and that’s how we improve performance.

Sportstrack has a comprehensive and strict Privacy Policy to ensure all data is securely stored and accessed by registered users only. The site is designed to protect the personal information of our members and champions.


Data is entered/posted by registered students and then verified by their teachers/coaches. Timekeeping standards and a code of conduct are expected to be followed at all times.

Students that join, become members (champions) of a community that share experiences, post their performances, and challenge and compete against each other. They can improve their individual performances by training and competing against fellow league members or champions as we refer to them. Each champion is rewarded for their efforts and their personal best performances.

We wanted to find a way to record the fastest children on the planet. Everyone knows the fastest professional athletes but who are the fastest students or amateurs? The point is, it allows children the chance to improve their running or swimming times all year round, not just on School Sports Day! The idea being we can record, review, reward and rank them all year round.


Sportstrack is designed for the youth. Our members are students (Champions) aged 6-19. We aim to record and track the best performances across traditional distances in running and swimming as per standard school PE curriculum.

  • We require the top ranking members to upload a video recording of the race/event according to our following our official Timekeeping practices and code of honour guidelines.

  • Once this file is uploaded to #verify@Sportstrack the data is checked and posted to the league table.

  • Sportstrack has strict guidelines regarding accuracy and consistency of data, but rely on good faith, and trust its champions to ensure recorded data follows the standards laid out in the ‘time keeping policy’.

We reward ‘number of attempts’ with Medals (10 attempts = 1 Medal) and after 5 medals a trophy is awarded. Each time a new personal best (PB) is achieved an avatar upgrade is also awarded.

Effort is recorded by number of attempts.


A medal is awarded for every 10 attempts.

Our main focus is to spread the word, expand our members and support the global community of aspiring athletes.

Post covid we’d like to organise some annual regional events. Offering  our members (champions) chance to travel, meet and compete within their leagues.

Currently it is non-profit. It is self-funded by the co-founders who are currently looking at ways to generate funding through advertising and sponsorship, for prizes and further development.
If you are interested in business or benevolent opportunities to support Sportstrack please contact:

We will be reaching out to corporates to sponsor monthly online competitions that reward members with prizes based on their improvement levels and reaching their set goals.

Our sponsors can benefit from online brand awareness and on the site, and sponsorship opportunities at planned events to be staged in the future.

For more information please contact:

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